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Title: Interesting sites for Halloween
Post by: Carl on October 31, 2018, 09:26:53 PM
Just right click any image and open in a new tab.

Death date

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When will you die - Test it out 

White Enamel game

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White Enamel is an interactive self-guided online journey via image,
sound and motion picture through the corridors of the abandoned
Glenfield State Psychiatric Hospital.

Works best in Chrome and require Adobe Flash to run
May need to right click screen to activate Adobe Flash
Creepy Pasta

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Paranormal stories and short horror microfiction.

Shock Till You Drop

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Movies - Streaming - Games - Trailers - Youtube Channels

The Outbreak game

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Free online survival game in a post apocalyptic world
Zombie Corporate Health Walking Challenge

Castle Of Spirits

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True Ghost Stories - 4,500 stories