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Author Topic: Bank Heist In Japan  (Read 307 times)

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Bank Heist In Japan
« on: February 02, 2019, 08:54:50 PM »
One of the Biggest Bank Heists In Japanese History

Back in the 60s a Bank Branch Manager started receiving threats that if he didn't pay a
whole bunch of Yen (About 3 Mil USD) they would blow up his house.
These threats came to the Managers home and to his workplace in classic ransom note style -
with the message made up of letters cut out of magazines like you've seen in movies a 1000 times.
The threats were relentless coming multiple times each week and they always said to not
tell the police or speak to anyone or... KABOOM, bye bye house.
Now, of course, he told the Police and the Police started to investigate.

Naturally, they were suspicious of the employees under the manager and interviews were conducted.
After a while, everyone at the bank branch knew about the threat by either being directly interviewed
or through the gossip grapevine.
The Police came up blank for suspects.
Being Japanese no amount of bomb threats were going to stop work being done in an efficient manner
so the days and weeks continued on as normal and the threats kept coming keeping it fresh
in everyone's mind.
Then at the end of the year 3 branch employees loaded up their company car's boot (trunk)
with money, planning to take it over the Toshiba factory to pay out Bonuses,
this was standard practice.
Driving along they were suddenly and frantically pulled over by a Police Officer on a motorbike.
As they stopped he shouted that The Manager's House had just been Blown Up!
And that all bank employees in marked company vehicles were being found around the city and checked.
The employees were shocked and scared and got out to let the officer do a check of their vehicle.
He got down on his hands and knees to look under and suddenly smoke started to billow out and
an orange glow flow from under the car - with the officer shouting 'Bomb, Bomb, Runnnnn!
Of course, the employees ran, hid and waited for the BOOM...
...and waited, and waited. And nothing...
They peaked out from their hiding spot to see the car long gone and nothing
but a used flare sitting in its place.
And the amount the 'Officer' got away with? Almost his exact asking amount, 3 mil USD.
Of course, no homes had exploded and all the threats were just an elaborate ruse, backed by
a lot of research - leading up to this crucial moment to get these employees to BELIEVE.
The guy was never caught. He completely sold his targets on the story and got them to take
the action he wanted them to take and got away with it. ---  Brilliant really.

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Re: Bank Heist In Japan
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2019, 01:35:25 AM »
 :whoo: he did it. That’s pretty good  :thu: