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« on: April 14, 2019, 08:23:22 AM »

Pros:- Neat user interface, easy to use, 3-step configuration and existing templates.
Cons:- Limited number of macros, and ads in the free version.


MacroDroid is an automated tasker that is designed with triggers and actions well categorized for you to pick easily.

It has more than 70 triggers categorized into applications, battery/power, call/sms, connectivity, date/time, device events, location, Macrodroid specific and sensors.

After setting a trigger, then choose a task to perform or a macro to run automatically from a list of over 100 actions that are grouped in about 15 categories. Except for some restricted actions in the Android system, most actions work without the need to root your device.

If you want to limit the triggers under certain conditions, this app allows you to do so with optional constraints. Select one from 50 constraint types such as date and time, battery level, connected devices, etc., and configure it to meet your needs. A task or macro will only run if the constraint condition is fulfilled.

Besides setting up a macro of your own, you can even add a macro from the template section, which contains many existing macros shared by others.

All macros that you've added to the list can be edited, or simply enabled or disabled with an on/off button.

Compared with other automated tools, MacroDroid stands out for its neat user interface and ease of use. Unfortunately, the free version is supported by ads and allows you to configure up to 5 macros only.
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